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By purchasing Australian made products you are supporting the Australian Economy and Jobs for our Children

Keep your money within Australia  supporting local jobs
BUY Australian.

"Being Australian is believing in a multi-cultural society that embraces people from all ethnicity (regardless of their faith, culture, race, and skin colour), freedom with responsibility, respect, and  being inclusive, basically a fair-go for all.

Shopping: When Shopping within Australia look where the product is made You will probably have to pay a little more for Australian Stuff  but remember that money is going to Australians,  Not oversea’s Australia’s industries have declined  and in some cases  have had to close down  over the years due to  Cheaper imports. OK you want a product but we don’t make it anymore in Australia  Look for products that have some part Australian  in it, at least an Aussi get something.

Australia is famous around the World for its natural wonders,
wide open spaces, Kangaroos, beaches, deserts, Raw Materials. The list goes on

In 2020, Australia imported $13 Billion in Cars,
 We are the 10th largest importer of
Cars worldwide.

In 2020 Cars were the most
imported product in Australia.

We paid these countries and their Workers,
South Korea ($1.71B), Germany ($1.48B),

Thailand ($1.37B),

United States ($916M)

and Japan ($5.64B),   

Now in 2023 its far greater

Here is a 13 billion dollar plus industry in 2020
 that we don’t MAKE

Why don’t we make electric cars?

Will you keep money in the local economy.

keep profits and taxes in the Australian economy,
 this gives us better Hospitals, Schools,etc .

Buying Australian helps manufactures retain
 much needed skills in Australia,

create Australians jobs and keep our
money here

Products built and made in Australia have
to be past by Australian Safety,
Quality control and Environmental standards
 before they are allowed to be sold.

Australian made products are well made
 by world standards